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Our team is what makes our tours so special. One look at our TripAdvisor page and you will see that our guests just love our talented, well trained, tour guides. Read more about our local experts below. Live in Japan? Want to join us? You can see our available positions here. 


Anne is the founder of Arigato Japan. She was born and raised in the Philippines. Anne majored in Airline Business Administration and Tourism. She has traveled to 44 countries between 2006 and 2016. After living in Japan for almost 20 years, Anne founded Arigato Japan in February 2016 with tours in Tokyo, realizing her true calling to help make the experience of visitors to Japan the best possible. Arigato expanded to offer tours in Kyoto and Osaka within the first 6 month and Anne's dream is to offer an amazing food tour in each of Japan's 47 prefectures.


Matthew is a Co-Founder of Arigato Japan, alongside his wife, Elizabeth Anne Kyle. He focuses on overall strategy and direction for the company an upholds the company's financial, legal, labor law and tax compliance. Matthew started his career as a professional basketball player in Europe, Africa and Japan, spent time working with Ernst & Young and is concurrently the Commercial Manager for Tricor Japan helping hundreds of foreign companies enter the Japanese market. He leverages his experience helping global firms enter Japan to further develop the capabilities and goals of Arigato Japan.


Ramona loves travelling, singing and creating new recipes by mixing Italian and Japanese food. She studied Japanese and Japanese Literature at The University Institute of Oriental Studies in Naples, Italy. Her passions are, and always have been, Japanese culture and food. Ramona ran a couple of restaurants in Italy before moving to Japan where, she lives with her husband. Her aim is to transfer to our guests the love for the Japanese cuisine, while helping them enjoy the sightseeing, discovering and understanding of many interesting aspects of life in Tokyo.


Satoshi has a strong passion to share Japanese food culture and the history of Japan. He was born in Tokyo. He is also bilingual so there is no problem for him to communicate in English or Japanese. Satoshi loves gaming, manga, taking photos and he loves animals (especially dogs). One of his unique hobbies is that he is also a broadcaster and has plenty of followers! Satoshi actually knows the best fun, dating and hot spots in Tokyo.


Ryan has lived and traveled to many parts of Asia and Africa. He likes baking bread, tinkering with and building computers, and using 3D software. He loves to explore different areas of Tokyo and eat at different kinds of restaurants such as Ramen, Yakiniku, Sushi, and Gyudon restaurants. He enjoys going to parks and cafes around Tokyo, such as owl and cat cafes! He also enjoys hanging around Akihabara and looking at all the different DIY electronics and computer parts available in that area.


Ryo was born and raised in Japan but he lived in Hawaii for over two years. He travels a lot and loves to share his adventures and stories. Ryo loves to go out eating and drinking. He knows some cool hidden spots where local Japanese prefer to go. He also cooks on his own so he can tell you about Japanese homestyle cooking. Ryo likes all kinds of sports. He is very friendly, open minded, and loves meeting new people.


Maya is originally from Nagasaki. She has two daughters who are both 19 and 14 years of yage. They have been living near Tokyo Disneyland for 17 years. She has a lovely rabbit named Moka of whom she loves dearly. Maya loves sharing her knowledge about Japan with visitors from other countries.


While Taena was born in Tokyo, she has spent most of her life in Australia. In 2016, she moved back to Japan and has fallen in love with her new home of Osaka. Taena believes that food isn't just about the flavors, food can tell a story about the history of a place, the culture and its people. And what better place to discover these than in Osaka, the 'Kitchen of Japan'!?
Food has helped Taena reconnect with her heritage in a new way and she looks forward to sharing that with you!


Asha has been in love with Japan since the first time she visited in 2012. She loved it so much she visited 5 times before finally deciding to move to Tokyo. While she was away from Tokyo, she learned more about Japanese food and the culture by working in an izakaya (Japanese pub) in Toronto. After moving to Tokyo she knew being a food guide would be a good way to combine her passion for Japanese food with what she learned while working at an izakaya. Aside from food she loves meeting new people and traveling.


Jennifer is a teacher, writer, and performing artist. Originally from Boston, MA, she has lived in Hawai’i for about 3 years, and Japan for about 4. Jennifer graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in East Asian Studies (Japanese) and is pursuing a PhD in Japanese Theatre from the University of Hawai’i. She is currently conducting research for her dissertation through Ritsumeikan University. In addition to Japanese cuisine, Jennifer is a lover of travel, cinema, theatre, folklore and history. She loves hearing and telling stories, from hilarious anecdotes to folk legends and hopes to share some with you soon!


Adam is an Egyptian tour guide who is passionate about guiding people and helping them have a wonderful experience and make beautiful memories He came to japan to study Japanese and local culture. Adam speaks Arabic, English and Japanese . He has lived in different cities in Japan, Wakayama, Osaka and now Tokyo. Adam will love to show a unique view of Japan.


Akiko was born and raised in Japan but lived in Florida, U.S.A for 20 years. In the United States she gained many years of experience in the restaurant business as a server and went on to be the owner of a Japanese gastropub restaurant. She has a deep understanding of what it is like to be a foreigner experiencing authentic Japanese food. Akiko is excited to be living back in Japan and to share Japanese food culture with you!


Alexandro came from México in 2007. He immediately fell in love with Japan’s culture and food. Because of that, ten years later came back and stayed, choosing Nakano area in Tokyo to live. Alex is a Spanish teacher, a model, performer, writer, painter & artist. He loves books, movies, singing & dancing Latin rhythms, traveling, food & drinks, retro video games, languages and sharing Japan as much as possible with new people. Alexandro is always very happy to share many Japanese curiosities and anecdotes with you!


Yoko was born and raised in Hokkaido. She enjoys cooking, eating, traveling and dancing Cuban Salsa. Her husband’s job has given her the opportunity to live in China and the U.S. Yoko recently came back to Tokyo and told us that she now learned to appreciate again how special and fascinating Japanese culture is. Yoko feels excited and honored to share her culture with you!


Born in Malaysia, raised in Australia, Yin has lived the “food and travel” life from a young age. With family business’ ties to Japan and a love of Japanese food, culture and history, it only made sense for her next step to be moving to Japan! An avid lover of “traveling to eat”, Yin loves hearing all about your travels and unique dishes from around the world, as well as sharing tips and recommendations for future travel. Combining her eagerness to meet new people, passion for food and love of japan, Yin hopes that you have an enjoyable time together!


Hanna was born in Japan but at the age of three moved to Hawaii and lived there for 7 years. She loves animals, natures, taking photos, watching YouTube, eating and drinking. She especially loves eating and mostly likes all kind of foods except tomatoes. During Hawaii period she loved the most is spam musubi. What is your favorite food in your country? She is happy to share the joy with you all through this tour!


Ikkei was born and raised in Osaka. When he was 15 he moved to Utah in the USA. He went to high school in Salt Lake City and graduated there. In 2016 he moved back to Osaka and started university soon after. He likes to cook Japanese food and is familiar with many good Japanese restaurants in Osaka. Since Ikkei regularly makes traditional Japanese dishes, he is knowledgeable of the ingredients and steps in preparing these local dishes and is excited to share his knowledge with foodie-visitors!


Larisa fell in love with Japan and it became her dream to be able to speak Japanese after first seeing “Sailor Moon” at the age of five and falling in love with Japanese world of fantasy (her father, a former judo player, encouraged her to reach her dreams). She is passionate about Japanese culture as well, having spent more than 5 years learning the language and doing research on Japanese society and mentality. Larisa has a strong passion for sharing her knowledge, and looks forward to meeting wonderful people from around the globe and helping them enjoy tasty experiences in this fascinating country!


Yiling works in Japanese public schools on weekdays, and spends her weekends sharing the wonder of Japanese cuisine with visitors like you! Not only does she speak Japanese, being Singaporean, she is also fluent in English and Mandarin. In her free time, she enjoys watercolour painting, which she studied from a Japanese artist before she moved here. Yinling has hitch-hiked within Japan and spent nights in 'comic book cafes'. A huge fan of travelling off the beaten path, she can give great advice on the less touristy spots and foodie places in Kyoto and Osaka.


Mihoko is the newest member of our Admin team and an assistant to our CEO Anne! She loves eating in general but her favorite-- all kinds of sweets! Mihoko was born in Kamakura but moved when she turned four and lived in France, the Netherlands and U.S. due to her father’s job. Not only she is a bilingual, but because of theinternational environment that she grew up, she loves all varieties of food from around the globe. Now she has two year old toddler at home in Kamakura who loves food just like her mama!


Lauren is a lover of food, wine, travel, art, and LIFE! She has lived in Japan a long time but is still discovering new things every day. With experience in the restaurant business and travel writing in Japan, Lauren hopes to share her passion for Japanese food with visitors from around the globe on Arigato Japan Food Tours.


Josh first came to Japan in 1983, and lived in Sapporo for a short time. He has currently been living in Japan since 2005 and enjoys cooking, photography and travel, especially visiting Japanese onsen. Josh has lived in Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Chiba and now Tokyo, and has travelled extensively around Japan. Being a techie, he loves to integrate the use of technology when travelling, using his mobile phone to board trains, planes and buses. He also loves Japanese festivals and meeting new people. His favorite food in Japan is from Hokkaido and called jingiskan. Josh is an expert on many parts of Japanese food culture, and he loves answering questions! Ask away!


Tim is a Canadian who has been living in Japan for almost 5 years. He loves to cook and also works as a chef in Japan. Tim speaks French, English, and Japanese. He enjoys Japanese food and culture and loves experimenting with cooking Japanese style dishes and uses their unique flavours to create new foods. He is also a very friendly guy who likes to interact with people.


Yoshiko is a lovely, happy individual who enjoys travelling, music, and food. She is a mother of three, an English teacher, and loves to cook. Yoshiko is proud of Japanese cuisine and loves to share her food knowledge with friends from all around the world. Feel free to ask her any questions you might have about Japanese food and traditions!


Kaho was born in Kyoto but raised in a rural area on the Sea of Japan coast in Ishikawa Prefecture. She studied Linguistics at university, in Kyoto. In 2015, she moved to her grandparents’ ancestral home in Kyoto to further her cultural interests and began training as a licensed tour guide. Discovering the beauty of Japan is something that captures her heart and she loves cooking as much as she enjoys eating. She is a caring person and loves meeting new people.


Claire joins the Arigato Japan admin team, she is an accounting graduate in University of Perpetual Help – Molino Campus, Philippines. Formerly Accounting Head for 8 years of Kc Industrial Corporation (Electrical company) and Chief Accountant of Rcpjc Corporation (Trading of Construction Supply Materials) and 153 Advertising Outdoor (Billboard Advertising) for four years . Claire loves to travel with her husband, family and friends to beautiful places inside the Philippines and to other Asian countries. Claire loves beaches and island hopping and snorkelling.


Enrie Aguila, who is originally from the Philippines, has been living in Tokyo, Japan for two years now. He migrated in 2015 and it did not take long for him to fall in love with this country. He finds Japan’s perfect balance between culture and modernity as something truly compelling. As a Communication graduate of De La Salle University-Lipa, Enrie finds joy in exploring new places and learning more about people and culture. Currently, he is the Administrative Assistant of Arigato Japan Food Tour Co. and sees his job as an everyday learning process and a window to other countless opportunities.


Chie was born and grew up in Kobe and has lived in Osaka for 15 years. Traveling and food are her passion. She is very picky especially about bread and sweets (she has a sweet tooth!) After living abroad and realizing that she had taken it for granted, she gradually has come to appreciate and like her own country including its culture and food. She is keen on discovering more about Japan her new friends from Arigato Japan.


In Kyoto since 2007 with his family, Bernard grew up in the Washington DC area but spent most of his life in Hawaii. He visited Japan some 30 years ago and instantly fell in love with her people, rich heritage and of course food and sake. Being a photographer, Japan offers bountiful opportunities to capture and to discover something new all the time. Considering himself an explorer allows him to keep a fresh perspective. And Bernard loves to find those little-hidden gems off the beaten path. He says, ``Let’s discover and explore Japan!``


Jenkie was born and raised in the Philippines. She is a Marketing graduate from PATTS College of Aeronautics, formerly Manager of Kirelis International for 10yrs, selling Health & Beauty Products and she joined Arigato Japan in 2017. Jenkie's hobby is watching toy reviews on youtube with her son and listening to music! Jenkie is a part of our admin team for Arigato and works hard to make sure our guests and guides have all the support they need.


Erika is a foodie and travel lover! She lives in the Philippines, and travelling is part of her yearly goals. She does it not just to relax and have fun, also to learn new things and discover fun facts around the world. Shés been to Japan in 2017 for a short trip, and since then she fell in love with the beauty, food and culture of the country! Erika loves to help her friends in making and arranging their travel itinerary, from ticket booking, purchasing which tours to take and managing tour expenses! She joins the admin team to offer her cheerful support for our guests and our guides!


Asami is a true food and drink lover having spent her entire professional career in the restaurant industry. She is originally from Japan but lived in the United States for nearly 10 years. Asami has worked in multiple high end restaurants on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Her true passion in life is sharing her knowledge of both food and beverage with those around her . She has a special interest in sake through countless years of studying, which allows her to pair sake and food together much like a wine sommelier would pair food and wine together thus creating a memorable experience like no other.


An undeclared foodie, Mario initially came to Japan to pursue his graduate studies after doing trade promotion for Japan in the DC area. Now fluent in Japanese, curiosity and a passion for food and (craft) beer fuel his passion as a tour guide. He is looking forward to re-discovering Japan through the eyes of visitors, while sharing his unique perspective on the local food scene and culture.


Jessica is Arigato Japan's Social Media Associate! She was born in Paris and instantly fell in love when she visited Japan for the first time. For years, she’s been driven by a strong passion for the Japanese culture, language and food. Addicted to social media, she can’t eat without taking a picture and she’s currently on a quest to find the best tsukemen (noodles) in Tokyo. She is also a gaming enthusiast and was working as a Marketing Manager in a gaming company for more than 6 years. She quit almost everything last year to follow her dreams and come to live in Tokyo. In her spare time she likes to walk randomly to discover new restaurants and places.


Kohei was born and grew up in Kyoto. He immersed himself in global communication in school and studied abroad. Kohei also backpacked around Asia after graduating. The whole experiences gave him a deep interest in the food of Japan in comparison with foreign foods. Now that Kohei lives in Kyoto again he is excited to share his knowledge with vistors.


Yuko has traveled to many countries and worked for foreign companies for many years. She lived in Canada and Australia which she really enjoyed! Yuko likes to communicate with different people and exchange information about culture and food. She also likes watching Rugby and is looking forward to the Rugby World Cup 2019 here in Japan! She knows many nice places in Tokyo for eating, drinking and sight seeing. Please feel free to ask her many questions about Tokyo. She is excited to share her knowledge!


Mimi loves eating. You will hear her saying “what should I have today...” every 30 minutes. Working in the cruise industry for 3 years, she understands how Important it is to get the most out of the limited time while on holiday. Spending most of her life in Tokyo, Mimi knows her way around and she’d love to show you the best and most unique places in town. She is also an acupuncturist and translator. Loves photos, art museums, animals, aquariums, films and of course cooking!! She is a singer of her international electro band Sabolitai


Mana is half Singaporean half Japanese. She has spent 6 years in Australia and the rest of her time in Singapore. Mana has a Diploma in Pastry Arts and is currently pursuing a Culinary Arts Certification in Japan. She has travelled to Japan since she was young and has always loved to explore new places and have new experiences. She loves travelling, hiking and cooking! She is friendly and loves meeting new people. She is excited about sharing Japanese culture and food with you!


Heart is one of our Admin team for Arigato Japan. She is also a freelance Writer l Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger. Heart loves to cook, bake and is also a bento enthusiast! Heart's family loves to travel and enjoy Japanese cuisine. In the future, her family is planning to visit Japan and experience the food culture there. She is passionate about helping our guests book the perfect tour and supporting our team.


Lauren was born in America and is a quarter Japanese and Taiwanese as well as American. She is bilingual and has been studying Japanese since she was little back in the States. As of right now she is studying Global Business and Economy at Doshisha University’s Liberal Arts Program. She loves hiking, exploring new cities, experimenting in the kitchen, writing poems, and listening to musical soundtracks on repeat. Lauren’s favorite Japanese food is comfort food because that is what she grew up tasting so she knows quite a lot about it. She is open minded and loves meeting new people.


Kate has a fun, energetic, and carefree attitude that will help you relax and enjoy learning about Japanese food. She works not only as a food tour guide, but also as a tattoo artist assistant. Her hobbies include hip-hop dancing and trying exotic food-- although she claims to be good at only one of those. Please feel free to ask her about her embarrassing dance story at some point. Her message is: ``Leave all your worries behind, and leave everything else to us!``

Sharing great food and conversation with our guests is what I love best about working with Arigato Japan. Everyday is an adventure filled with good food and new friends!


Foodie, Traveler, Writer & Guide

I love my job at Arigato Food Tours because I can meet new people and I get to see new places. It is fun talking with so many travelers from around the world!


Tour guide

Sharing food culture with global travelers is such a powerful experience. It gives me the chance to share my passion for Japan while enjoying a meal with new-found friends.


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