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Ramona is Italian and LOVES food. She ran restaurants in Italy before moving to Japan with her husband and son. She aims to instill a passion for Japanese cuisine in our guests. Ramona is a part of the Hiring and Training Team and is in charge of the Travel consulting service.


Josh came to Japan in 1983, living in Sapporo for a short time. He then moved here and lived and traveled extensively around Japan. He's an expert on many parts of Japanese food culture and loves answering questions. His favorite food in Japan is the Hokkaido specialty jingiskan.


Kristine is our Admin Manager. She is dedicated and committed to providing excellent service to clients and continues to be responsible for our goal in offering the best food and travel experience to visitors from around the world, by showing Japan’s unique culture.

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  • I enjoyed this evening bar hopping tour around Mt Fuji, learning local customs and trying regional dishes! CHEERS!
    Elisabeth Harris