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Inbound and International Tourism Consulting

Your destination is amazing, and you want to share it with the world via Inbound Tourism! We can help.


Inbound tourism entails hard work and patience, it is very different than supporting the domestic tourism market — the process is long and slow. Results do not come in an instant. Growing a great tourism program is like planting a tree. It takes time, understanding, care and patience. By planting these ideas like trees and nurturing them you can grow a forest!


We can start to grow this forest together — our combined efforts can lead the way to something powerful and create opportunity and connections in your area for years and years to come


One of the greatest values of working with us  as an international team, is being able to learn about what will appeal deeply to foreigners who come to Japan. We can share the things that specifically make Japan special from an eyes of a foreigner. We are experts in bridging the gap between local Japanese understanding and the experiences, information and connections that Foreign visitors to Japan are seeking. We will put you in the minds of hearts of future visitors making sure your destination is on their Must-See list when they dream of their Japan Adventures.

We offer a wide range of consulting products and packages


  1. Full Consulting Services Package (everything from product evaluation, preparing for FAM trips, and marketing)
  2. Training programs for guides, local business owners, tourism team members and everyone who would be a touch point for inbound experiences.
  3. Virtual tours and online experience creation, in this package we can get guests excited about your location and offerings even before they land in Japan. Virtual tours are both a tourism product with limitless potential and a new form of marketing that is changing the travel industry (beyond the coronavirus situation).
  4. Custom designed and promoted Culinary tour creation to provide a new experience or add to your existing  tourism packages. We are Japan’s number one food tour experts and we know there is an amazing food experience we can create together in your area.
  5. Access and advise in working with a global distribution network and programs for working better with media and travel agents world wide.
  6. Tourism Local HR and Training – finding and developing the best locals to support your experiences and tourism programs. Passionate locals are the key to getting starting but great ongoing training is the path toward long term success.
  7. Training and program development for Reaching out to the “local” international community. They can become your destination ambassadors to their network of friends and family around the world.
  8. Customized Services…many more packages can be custom designed for the needs of your destination and inbound program.

We believe in Long Term Partnerships


Our goal is not to come in and create a single product for you only to disappear and leave the local community struggling for next steps. We can support you in marketing, improving and updating your tourism experiences along the way.


We love Japan and want to help you build a bridge to the world. We are motivated by creating long term change in your area that builds on the amazing ideas and expert knowledge you already possess and translates that into a sustainable plan for a future of growing and flourishing inbound tourism. We will help you foster deep global connections, friendships and economic opportunities.


Contact us to get started. 

Our Clients: References available upon request


We have already successfully worked with prefectural and municipal tourism offices, local food and beverage producers, monitor tour programs from international companies, and more… We would be happy to discuss our current projects as examples of what we can do together with you!

See our passion for Japan: Browse our Blog for recent travel and food stories from around this amazing country.

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