Where to stay in Japan - Tokyo Family Stays

Great Family-Friendly places to rent for your trip

12 Jun · Jessica Iragne ·

Where to stay in Japan – Tokyo Family Stays

Where to stay in Japan #2

Summer holidays are coming soon and you’re planning a trip to Tokyo with your kids and don’t know where to stay?  Here is a website you should check: Tokyo Family Stays.

What is Tokyo Family Stays?

Tokyo Family Stays is a family-friendly accommodation for short or medium term in various areas around Tokyo. All TFS rentals are fully compliant with Japanese short term rental and safety laws. The homes they offer are designed to provide you with everything you need to live in comfort during your visit to Japan and allow you to live like a local.

TFS has many different homes to choose from in different neighborhoods, different house layouts, and furnishings (some are modern and some are traditional, etc.). All homes are in central Tokyo with great access to transport like subways and trains. For example, they have houses in the famous areas of Shinjuku and Shibuya, and mostly on the West side of the city. And because the TFS team lives nearby they know these areas pretty well and can offer the best local tips on restaurants, playgrounds, and transport!

Tokyo Family Stays

Who are they?

The husband and wife team behind this website are from Australia and they quite unusually met in Japan. Tracey is originally from Brisbane and she moved to Japan in 2000 to work with her brother in the IT industry creating mobile phone applications in the educational space. Ash is from Adelaide and he met Tracey in 2005 when he was in Japan on a quick trip to visit his sister. They got married in 2009 and now have a bilingual son who attends Japanese local school.

Tracey takes care of online customer communications and she is also the admin of the website. Ashley is the day to day manager and, because they feel that self-check-in is impersonal and will not allow guests to enjoy their holiday to the fullest, he also greets as many of the guests as possible in person.

How did it start?

“When our son was little, we had lots of visits from friends and family and especially new grandparents”, Tracey said. “It was hit or miss in terms of finding a suitable hotel or short term room rental that was close to our place and suitable for aging grandparents – ie with a proper bed and table and chairs not on the floor. After a hip replacement, two knee replacements, and other issues, getting up and down from Japanese futons were not comfortable for my parents. So we thought we would rent a small second apartment near our home for visitors and then rent it out part-time in the new sharing economy model (eg Airbnb) to cover the costs. We didn’t realize how needed our sort of accommodation and space management was for travelers to Japan and we were booked solid instantly”.



That was over 5 years ago now and at the peak, they had over 22 listings on Airbnb and other platforms and were busy all the time. So why you probably wonder?


Tracey explains it this way… “Because all of our homes are a “home away from home” and offer comfortable western beds, fully equipped kitchens for western cooking and multiple internet and cable TV options. Plus they are fully family friendly with kids bedding, toys, books, and dishes. “We think about the needs of traveling with a young family and elderly grandparents or extended family and friends and create exceptional guest experiences with this in mind. This allows for our guests to enjoy the amazing Japanese experiences that Tokyo has to offer outside the home and then come home to a welcoming and familiar environment to rest”.

Great Family-Friendly renting places in Tokyo

As mentioned, all of their homes are family friendly and there are lots of bedroom arrangements to choose from depending on how many people are traveling and the different relationships within each group. TFS welcomes diverse and non-traditional family groups as they believe that families come in all shapes, sizes, and nationalities. “All we ask is that you treat our homes as you would have us treat yours and that you have great communication from the start so we can advise you on your specific needs for the house and ensure we are able to welcome you in person and show you around.”, Tracey added.

Any personal message for our readers planning to visit Japan?

“You will be doing LOTS of walking. So if you are traveling with little ones, be prepared with strollers or backpacks to rest little legs. However, the large side by side strollers will not fit on public transport so keep this in mind. We do have some light “umbrella strollers” for you to use if you want to travel light.”

Tokyo Family Stays

Hotels are pretty much the same wherever you go around the world. If you prefer to have a real local experience more than staying in a hotel, this is definitely a website you have to check! Moreover, if you have kids it seems to be even more perfect! More info on their website: Tokyo Family Stays

Traveling with children? Join one of all our delicious Family Friendly Food Tours in Japan to discover seasonal and local dishes, learn about Japanese culture thanks to our local and expert guides! 

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