Tokyo Tapioca Land - Pop Up!

A Bubble Tea Themed Park for Instagramers

14 Aug · Jessica Iragne ·

Tokyo Tapioca Land – A Bubble Tea Themed Park for Instagramers

Tapioca drinks (also known as bubble tea) is extremely popular in Japan right now.  And of course, if you scroll Instragram trends, you’ll see a lot of photos and videos!

When something is trendy in Japan you can see many variations show up every single day, including some crazy and original ones: Recently we have spotted,  tapioca beer, tapioca foods and even tapioca shampoo… And when we heard about “Tapioca Land”, a bubble tea amusement park, we knew we definitely have to go!

Located in Tokyo’s pop culture and fashion district of Harajuku, “Tapioca Land” is a limited-time theme park that opened on August 13. If you like boba, if you want to have fun in a unique “Only in Japan” place, and you are looking for Instagramable places, you must add this one to your list.

Tapioca & New Profile Picture

When we entered, we immediately noticed that this place has been designed for tapioca lovers and Instagramers. And because I am both, it was love at first sight! In addition to bubble tea stands where you can buy drinks, you can enjoy a lot of original photo spots. Everything is set up so you can take fun and amazing photos and finally change your profile picture on all your social media.

Tokyo Tapioca Land

The entry ticket includes a free welcome drink and you can choose between different types of colorful but unknown flavors (including a few tapioca balls). But because it’s definitely not enough to satisfy your tapioca needs, you can visit more Bubble Tea stands before heading up to the photo booths.

Each drink cost around 600円 (about 5€ – 5.60 USD) and you can choose between different flavors like Regular Milk Tea, Matcha, Strawberry, etc.


We choose a Matcha Latte one and White Peach Tea one with Cheese foam on the top (but don’t worry, the cheese flavor is not strong at all compared to the cheese you can have overseas, it’s very sweet). It was de-li-cious. The Matcha one was probably one of the best I had in my life.

Tokyo Tapioca Land

Let’s dive into Tapioca

The whole place is full of photo stands where you can pose and show your love for Tapioca: balloons are everywhere, you can enjoy colorful, instagramable spots with a swing, school-themed background, and the best part, a TAPIOCA POOL! You can literally dive into tapioca balls, isn’t that paradise?

Tokyo Tapioca Land

If you pay an additional 500円, you can also access to a “Tapioca Mystery Game”. Different puzzles are hidden in the whole exhibition and you’ll have to find and solve them. We didn’t do it but it looks intriguing, if you have time. This event was a super fun experience and absolutely kid-friendly. If you’re in Tokyo before it ends, why not have some boba drinks in a Tapioca paradise?




6-chōme-35 Jingūmae, Shibuya City, Tōkyō-to 150-0001


From August 13 to September 16, 2019


Entrance fee: 1200円 (including welcome drink)


Tokyo Tapioca Land Website (in Japanese)

Tapioca Land

If you want to discover more about the Harajuku area while having delicious foods at the same time, be sure to join our Crazy, Kawaii Food tour!

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