5 Things You Can Do in Japan That Will Make Your Trip Special

Let’s get to know some activities that will keep you on your toes during your trip.

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5 Things You Can Do in Japan That Will Make Your Trip Special

With its unique culture, Japan is now known as a hotspot travel destination for everyone who wants to visit Asia. They are well-known for producing quality products, but aside from this tourism is also one of the most booming industries in their country. There is no doubt that with every visit, travelers become more enamored with Japan.

There are cultural tours, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditional food flavors, and even very modern takes on normal things like the toilet which features so many buttons. It’s a part of what makes Japan unique. But how can you make your trip to Japan even more special? Let’s get to know some activities that will keep you on your toes during your trip.


Experience a unique green tea tour

You’ve probably heard about the Matcha green tea craze that has stormed all over the world. From simple drink flavors to being incorporated to food, this flavor has is now known because not only is it tasty, but green tea also has numerous benefits.

But did you know that the most famous green tea products are from Japan? You can go on a cultural tour in Uji, Kyoto which is considered as the home of the famous Matcha. Join our Matcha green tea food tour to will get to experience and taste Matcha and other types of green tea in a variety of beverages and foods. Another must see is the famous Byodoin temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the tour, you can walk around the town to hunt for some local snacks, take pictures, and also to look for that perfect green tea blend that you can bring home as a souvenir.

Mount Fuji

Go to the famous Mount Fuji

At the base of this iconic mountain, there is a town called Fujinomiya. One of the biggest reasons that travelers visit is to set their sights on the famous Mount Fuji. But you will learn that this town has so much more to offer than the usual. It is known to have great food, green tea, sake, and many more. It really is a small town which will give you a feel of what it was like in old Japan.

Go to the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center and make your way through Fujinomiya. That being said, we offer a delicious food tour at the base of Mt Fuji there and it’s a great way to make your trip more special. From snacks to very traditional Japanese food, taking time to appreciate the local flavors will surely give your trip that memorable streak among all others.

Cherry blossoms japan

Set your sights on the cherry blossoms in Spring

If you can time your visit on the months of March and April, then get ready to be greeted by the breathtaking views of cherry blossoms all over the country. Japan is famous for “Hanami”, the Japanese tradition of appreciating the flowers during spring time. One could say that it is also considered as a cherry blossom festival

Locals and visitors alike gather together in parks, have picnics and drinks, or just relax in an open area to view the blossoms. It is one of the most relaxing activities to do since it is all about appreciation. The best part about this season is that there will be cherry blossom products all over the country! From simple souvenirs, to desserts, chocolates, and even flavored drinks. You’ll be surprised at how much the Japanese have innovated this festival to also boost their tourism and local enjoyment.

Gion Kyoto

Explore the old town of Gion

You might have heard about the moniker of this city – Japan’s geisha district. Gion is in Kyoto and has always been considered as one of the top tourist attractions for anyone visiting Japan. you will be seeing the traditional wooden machiya houses that are now stores, teahouses, restaurants, and drinking bars.

It is really a wonder because you’ll have the chance to get a real feel of traditional Japan. Geishas (geiko) and their apprentices (maiko) can sometimes be seen walking around the town after some special occasions like weddings and other parties. Remember to be respectful when you see them or if you want to take some pictures. Ask politely to avoid any complaints. Overall, Gion is a must visit for anyone. it really is one of the best ways to appreciate the cultural side of Japan. And the good news is that we have a 3-hour food tour there, including Kaiseki!

Saijo Hiroshima Sake

Visit the Sake Town – Saijo, Hiroshima

Another product that is famous all over the world is rice wine (sake) of Japan. While eating at Japanese restaurants, you might have already heard about this drink. But to actually visit the home of Sake in japan? Now that’s another thing that you can strike off the bucket list. Like wine tours in other countries, this version in Japan will show you how sake is made, have a taste of different variations, and also visit the different breweries that produce of the most high-quality sake products in the world. Some of these brewers have already existed way back during the Edo period of Japan so you will know that their sake is one a kind. Join us on our Saijo Tour in Hiroshima to take a walk around the traditional streets so you can really appreciate the charms of this small town.

Considering that Japan is already a unique country, one would think that it cannot get any better. But that’s where you are wrong. In every corner, there are all sorts of activities that you can enjoy. For every city, the food is different, even to the point of having seasonal flavors for chocolates. New travelers and those who come back for a visit can attest to the fact that they are never bored while in Japan.

It’s about time to include this country in your radar for travel. With so many things to do in each city, one cannot list down all the attractions and visit them all in one go. This makes visitors want to go back and have another adventure.

And if you want to experience local and seasonal food while learning about Japanese culture and manners, be sure to join our tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.

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