Gion & Kaiseki Kyoto Tour

Beautiful Gion and Kamogawa

Cultural Experience

Authentic local eateries and 10 course Kaiseki meal

Monday - Saturday

Promptly starts at 5 pm


Kamogawa, Gion, Pontocho Geisha area

Our Kyoto Night Food Tour through Gion and Shirakawa is a celebration of Japanese traditional culture and Kaiseki cuisine, a multi-course, multi-flavored Japanese dinner that flawlessly mixes global and local flavors to produce some of the most delicious dishes on the planet. This is our most luxurious tour.

Tour Highlights:

Stroll through the streets amongst the many passersby to fully appreciate and feel the life of the city. Enter Gion, the home of many geisha and traditional tea houses. Enjoy the most unforgettable Kaiseki meal of your life

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Kyoto is a magical place. Visitors can be transported back in time to Japan’s historical past. Starting near famous Yasaka Shrine you will stroll with your guide along the local streets of Gion.

Gion is the most prominent traditional entertainment district and Kyoto’s center of Japanese arts. Gion is a maze of old wooden buildings, teahouses and very exclusive Japanese restaurants, mostly available by invitation only. Your guide will tell you stories about this very exquisite part of Kyoto along the way. You will also explore the gorgeous Shirakawa neighborhood. You will have the chance to whet your appetite with a special Kyoto treat as you wander. Learn about the life of Kyoto’s famous Geisha (Maiko and Geiko) This area is simply impossible to describe- a must-see for yourself experience.

At the end of our walking tour we will sit down to enjoy a 10 course kaiseki meal, where you will be able to try some of Kyoto’s freshest food. Kaiseki generally means a meal incorporating a combination of seasonal ingredients meticulously prepared so all the flavors blend harmoniously. A visit in Kyoto is never complete without trying a Kaiseki meal. Enjoy this three hour tour and end it with this very special dinner! We want this moment of your life to be a memory you will never forget– so we will reserve the details for those who join the tour. But rest assured we have organized a truly amazing meal for you!

Minimum of 2 people needed to book this tour. If you are a single traveler, please email us directly. Please let us know your paypal email address and if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.


***SAME-DAY BOOKING POSSIBLE. Please call this number: 03-6823-4615

We have a strict policy about starting our tours on time. This is to project the enjoyment of all our guests and restaurant partners. We are sorry to say that if you are not able to arrive at the meeting point by the departure time, the tour will start regardless and no refund will be provided. We are also unable to accommodate meeting up in any of the food stops once you’ve missed the start of the tour.

Arigato Tours are a great way to meet other travelers and food fans from around the world. However if you would prefer a private tour our rates are an additional per group fee of $150 for a group of 1-4, $200 for groups of 5-8 and $250 for groups of 8-12. Larger groups please contact us by email to arrange. 

Monday – Saturday
Meeting Time   4:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Start time          5:00 PM
End time            8:00 PM

If you have any questions pleas email

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$165 / Person

The food tour done by Arigato Japan in Kyoto was amazing for many reasons; the introduction to wide range of Japanese cuisine - (it is so much more than the sushi restaurants of North America) the informative and enjoyable discussions that I had with the tour guide Toshi, the picture taking opportunities, walking the streets in the evening searching for elusive geishas. and a special thanks to Arigato for doing the tour for one guest (me) after others dropped out. Definitely a tour company that is committed to serving its clients.

J. Audubon

November 2016

Tour Details


Meeting Location

Meet Up Point in front of the Kyoto Kanji Museum

You can copy and paste this to Google Maps to find exactly where this location is;




551 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 605-0074



Our guide will be waiting out front with an Arigato Japan Food Tour sign.

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