2021 Cherry Blossom Season Evening Hanami Tour: Kyoto

SPECIAL LIMITED SEASONAL TOUR- Explore the local shops and the historic area around Demachiyanagi area of Kyoto for the feeling of true Hanami

Cultural Experience

Cherry Blossoms and Historical Sites

(Mon - Friday)

Starts promptly at 4:30 pm


Demachiyanagi area

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Available March 22nd – April 10th 2021

The true Hanami spirit during Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto can be found away from some of the busier neighborhoods, and instead exploring around temples, gardens and shrines (both big and small).


Join us on this walking tour of the Demachiyanagi area of Kyoto.  Taste local treats and beverages, under the cherry trees, explore the history of the district, browse along a very local “Shotengai” Shopping arcade and a famous Shrine and Temple area- and finish up with a delicious foodie dinner experience in a local Soba or Udon restaurant – after viewing the gorgeous blossoms around the neighborhood.

Hanami Kyoto

You can view one of the famous fire symbol mountains of Kyoto, Mount Daimonji and also the dominating peak of north Kyoto, Mount Hiei, the summit of which can be reached from Demachiyanagi station. On our tour you can explore Shimogamo shrine and its intriguing satellite, Kawai Shrine, and a fun local shopping arcade called Masugata shotengai. This area, where the Kamo and Takano rivers meet and which was also for a thousand years marked the end of Saba(Mackeral) Trail, still draws locals and visitors for its many tasty opportunities and storied history.

These days Kyoto has been in the news for the tourist overload around the most famous attractions in this ancient city. We want our guests to be able to slow down and enjoy a less crowded but still historic and beautiful area of Kyoto. Demachiyanagi is away from the crowds but has so much to over, especially for travelers looking for a local perspective and an off the beaten path adventure.


Demachiyanagi is beautiful area at the junction where two rivers of Kyoto meet, called to”the Delta of Demachi”. Local people love to visit to relax at the Delta. Nearby visitors can explore Shimogamo shrine, Mount Hiei, Mount Daimonji, and a fun local shopping arcade called Masugata shotengai. Where the Kamo and Takano rivers meet many parents and children, elders, students, couples and visitors can get together in this special place. You can even spot people crossing the rivers stepping along the turtle-shaped stones. In the spring, this is a popular place to spread out picnic sheets to enjoy eating and drinking under the Sakura cherry blossom, this activity is called Hanami. (or flower viewing)

Hanami Kyoto

Sakura season is short, about one month from the first tiny buds to the finish of the season with the peak being about two weeks. It is impossible to predict exact dates each year but we will be offering this limited edition tour in the time period most famous for Hanami time. With our guide, learn about the history of the area, the meaning and reason behind the sakura season, and taste local specialties that are bound to be pleasing to the eye and to the palate. We will visit several areas  blooming with Sakura trees and shop and dine in local spots to give everyone an authentic hanami experience. Go off the beaten track to this less touristy area of the city.

We will start off with some small snacks under the cherry trees but we will also feature dinner during our tour. You will have a chance to join us at a local “sobaya or udonya (noodle) restaurants” that are serving 100% handmade noodles. You can also try local sake (rice wine), and a variety of other regional dishes. The restaurants feature seasonal menus so you can discover the best ingredients during the springtime in Kyoto.



At the end of the tour you can enjoy a locally famous, traditional dessert. These sell out early but our guides will be sure to secure your yummy sweets in advance. Wend your way back to the station after the tour taking in the night view of the blossoms.

We have family friendly pricing on all our Arigato food tours- If you are traveling with children and need a price adjustment- please email our team at Bookings@ArigatoJapan.co.jp 


  • Babies and Toddlers 0 – 2 years old – free
  • Children 3 -12 years old – 50% of adult price
  • Children 13 and above – full price

Tour Highlights:

  • 3 hour tour including strolling around the Demachiyanagi area of Kyoto.
  • Try local snacks and sweets
  • Experience a real Hanami stroll and mini picnic with our local guide, plenty of time and tips for taking great cherry blossom photos.
  • Browse the local shops along the way.
  • Dinner of local and seasonal dishes at a classic Kyoto restaurant in the area.
  • A special Hanami gift at the end of your tour.

We have a strict policy about starting our tours on time. This is to protect the enjoyment of all our guests and restaurant partners. We are sorry to say that if you are not able to arrive at the meeting point by the departure time, the tour will start regardless and no refund will be provided. We are also unable to accommodate meeting up in any of the food stops once you’ve missed the start of the tour.

Arigato Tours are a great way to meet other travelers and food fans from around the world. However if you would prefer a private tour please see the additional fees below and click the add on button on your cart when you check out. 

For a more customized experience, make your tour private for an additional $175 + TAX (min. 2 people) (5+ $250 + TAX)



Private Food Tour Add-on (1-4 people) (+$175.00)
Private Food Tour Add-on (5+ people) (+$250.00)

Tour Schedule:


Monday – Friday in Hanami Season
Meeting Time Frame 4:15 – 4:30 pm
Start Time 4:30 pm
End Time 7:30 pm

Changes to tours and spots we visit may occur due to schedules of restaurants, public holidays, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. Applicable substitutions will be made in this case. 

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¥18000 / Person

Visiting as a tourist it is hard to find the true Hanami spirit. Thank you to Arigato for showing me the beauty of Sakura season! In Kyoto and Tokyo!

Marti R.


Tour Details


For this tour, it is possible (with advanced notice at the time of booking) to make adjustments to support some dietary restrictions. Please contact us for details at info@arigatojapan.co.jp

Meeting Location

At Demachiyanagi station near at the entrance of the Rent A Cycle shop EMUSICA

レンタサイクルえむじか 出町柳店



at this address: You can copy and paste this to Google Maps:



Our guide will be there holding an “Arigato Japan” sign.

We suggest wearing comfortable shoes as there will be walking involved.


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