Top 5 Date Ideas in Tokyo for Valentine's Day 2020

Here's a guide for anyone looking to spend the most romantic Valentine's Day possible in Tokyo!

4 Feb · Rae DeFrane ·

Top 5 Date Ideas in Tokyo for Valentine’s Day 2020

Tokyo is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The glittering lights of the buildings, the sounds of millions of people living their lives around you and finding love, it paints quite the picture. If you’re going to be in Tokyo during Valentine’s Day and would like in on the romantic atmosphere, then let’s dive right in and take a look at our top five date ideas and locations for you and your beau.

Valentine burger

5. Bright Red Burgers in a Swanky Hotel

If you want the perfect shot for the ‘gram on Valentine’s Day, or if you identify as a carnivore, then you need to make a reservation at The Steakhouse and try their bright red buns. These burgers are wagyu beef patties and are great for a lunch with any meat lover, and you can snag a discount if you make a reservation online. It can be hard to find a great burger in Tokyo, but The Steakhouse delivers. Don’t miss out on this colorful and picture-perfect meal.

The Steakhouse
1 Chome-12-33 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052

Tokyo Dome City

4. Take a Ride to Tokyo Dome City

There are few better ways to get your darling to cuddle up close to you, then scaring the bananas out of them on a roller coaster ride. That, or braving the heights of ‘The Big O’, which is the Ferris wheel in Tokyo Dome City in the Bunkyoku ward of Tokyo. This mall-and-amusement-park-hybrid, built around the stadium of the same name, is a great one-stop spot for a casual but fun date in the city. It has food, fun, shopping, and a variety of entertainment. You can go bowling, ride the attractions or take some adorable purikura photos to remember the occasion. This is a fantastic date plan to last you from daytime to evening, and the lights in Tokyo Dome City are not to be missed. They should be especially eye-catching on such a couple-driven day!

Tokyo Dome City


3. Animal Cafes (The ethical kind!)

Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is famous for its animal cafes of all kinds: from cats to Shiba Inu dogs, and even to owls and otters and hedgehogs (Oh my!). It’s 2020, and we’re all informed enough to know we shouldn’t support the exploitation of little fur babies for our amusement. There are, however, kind and ethical cafes that treat their little live-ins with the respect and love that they deserve while offering patrons an authentic experience. We highly recommend taking in some cuteness and cuddles and supporting these places that do things the right way.

Meguro River

2. Meguro River and The Tokyo Roastery

A stroll down Meguro River at night is an iconic Tokyo experience. The gentle lights reflecting off the surface of the water and the ambient red lanterns lining the walk make for a picturesque backdrop to the evening. Right along the way is the Starbucks Reserve Tokyo Roastery, a monolithic, four-story masterpiece. This Starbucks is not only the largest in the world, but also includes a coffee, food, a cocktail bar on the third floor, and also an inspiration lounge at the very peak to host activities. You better believe that Starbucks Japan is going to have a V Day exclusive drink to try out while you are there. Once you’ve taken in your fill and enjoyed each other’s company with the sumptuous aromas of freshly ground coffee, you can take your drinks to go and continue on your way down romance lane.


1. Team Labs Borderless/Planets

If you truly want to impress your darling on Valentine’s Day, or if you just want a date night to remember, score some tickets to one of the multimedia light art exhibits put on by the geniuses at Team Labs.

If you held me hostage and made me choose one, I would say that Borderless is the more profoundly breathtaking of the two. Planets is a bit more of an immersive experience (and you shouldn’t take a partner who is afraid of getting a little wet!), though both are delightfully interactive and stunningly vibrant. This is an experience that I cannot recommend enough, and I would visit again and again if I could. Honestly, they are both located in Odaiba, so you can (and should) easily go to both!




If you are lucky enough to be with the one you love in such a magical and mosaic city like Tokyo on Valentine’s Day, you are now officially living your best romance movie lifestyle. There are no wrong answers, as long as you are with the one whom you want to spend your time with. We hope that these suggestions get your mind going, and that you take a ton of pictures and make some memories of your Tokyo dream date night.


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