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Taste delicious Matsusaka beef burgers in Tokyo

11 Jul · Jessica Iragne ·

OSUSUME Japan – Wagyu to Worldwide: Delicious Matsusaka beef burgers in Tokyo

When we heard that a new burger restaurant opened in Tokyo, it caught our attention. BUT when we heard that this restaurant specialized in Matsusaka (a type of wagyu) Beef Burgers, we felt the urge to go there and try for ourselves!

Matsusaka beef

You’ve probably heard about “Wagyu” (和牛), which literally means “Japanese beef” (Wa 和 meaning Japan, and Gyu 牛 meaning Beef). Even if the most famous Wagyu type overseas is probably Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef is preferred by gourmets within Japan, because it has a high fat-to-meat ratio.

Matsusaka Wagyu meat

The cattle from which this beef comes from originates in a quiet region of Mie Prefecture. Matsusaka beef is the meat of Japanese Black cattle reared under strict conditions: the cows take roughly three years to mature and only virgin female cows can be sold as Matsusaka beef. They also get special treatment: they get daily massages to increase blood circulation, they are fed beer to stimulate their appetite and they listen to soft music to help them relax. Hard life!

Wagyu to Worldwide

Even if Matsusaka beef is often eaten as a steak, Shabu-shabu (cooked in stock as you eat) or  Sukiyaki (simmered in a sweet savory broth), you can sometimes find it in Burgers in Japan. And believe us, it’s worth trying!

Wagyu to worldwide menu
Wagyu to worldwide menu

Recently opened in the Kachidoki area of Tokyo, Wagyu to Worldwide restaurant serves 100% Wagyu that is supported by the famous meat producing company Sugimoto (スギモト), which has been in meat industry for over 120 years. It seems they know what they are doing! At Wagyu to Worldwide restaurant, you can of course taste delicious Matsusaka beef and Kuroge wagyu beef burger.  If you’re not a burger person, they also serve hamburger steak, roast beef and other delicious dishes.

We had the chance to join the opening event and taste samples of all the food they offer and it was so yummy. The meat was tasty and juicy, the salads and vegetables were fresh, and the burgers were REALLY good. You can taste the difference compared to “regular” meat.

If you’re traveling to Tokyo and want to try delicious, Wagyu beef while having comfort food, this is a place for your must-go list.  Of course the other dishes are tasty as well, but we really recommend the Matsusaka burgers!

Address: 2-chōme-12-7 Kachidoki, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 104-0054 (Maps link)

Website in English: https://www.wagyutoworldwide.jp/home-en

Reservation in English: https://www.wagyutoworldwide.jp/reservation-en

Social Networks: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you can’t get enough wagyu, and you also want to try Kobe beef skewers as well as other local dishes, be sure to join our 3-hour street-food tour in Shibuya.

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