Macho Bar, a Crazy Bar Themed Around Macho Men in Kyoto

Muscles, Cocktails and Fun Food

14 Nov · Michelle Lam ·

Macho Bar, a bar themed around Macho Men in Kyoto


Japan is famous for weird and wacky restaurant themes, but this one is sure to carry weight. Macho Cafes or Macho Bars have recently become popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. Although it is quite pricey, you can experience Magic Mike-esque evening with muscley eye-candy.

Macho Bar Kyoto

Kiyamachi’s Macho Bar is nestled in a small street off the main street, filled with other quirky hangouts. Upon entrance you are greeted with an energetic ‘Irrashai-macho’ whilst an attractive Macho Man kneels, arms ready to princess-carry you to your seat.

Like a Maid Cafe, the Macho Bar charges you a first-time service fee of 1000 yen, but from the first visit onwards, the price halves to a reasonable 500 yen. Sometimes there may be specials where groups (foreigners only) can bypass the service fee – but this depends on the Bar’s monthly schedule.

Whilst the emphasis of a Macho Bar is indeed on its aesthetics, the food and alcohol are delicious and affordable. The website’s advertised prices are actually a different menu from the one presented in-store, where a selection of themed drinks around 500 ~ 1000 yen with designated poses allow you to sip on delicious cocktails whilst eyeing the firm, flexed muscles of the wait staff.

Macho Bar Kyoto

If you’re not one for alcohol, a variety of nutrient-rich health foods such as wasabi avocado and freshly squeezed fruit juice are available. Don’t worry, the eye-candy service extends to these beverages as well, as they squeeze the juice from the fruit by hand right in front of you. The menu for the food changes monthly but the price range stays within 300 ~ 1000 yen.

There is an additional separate menu found in store, full of special ‘performances’ involving lots of flexing, ‘kabe-dons’, and a list of poses offered for free with each dish or drink ordered. These include typical body-building poses such as the double bicep and abdominal flex to show off their rippling abs. If you are lucky, you might just be able to see the infamous ‘pec dance’ and maybe even touch a Macho Man’s firm chest.

For a more flamboyant performance, the ‘Overflowing Muscle Fibers’ option is your best bet, with all the Macho Men ripping off their uniform for you – true Magic Mike style. You’ll also notice that certain taglines are used to enhance the atmosphere, like ‘aishiteru, aishiteru (I love you, I love you) for females, or ‘aniki’ (bossman) for males.

Once the night is over, the Macho men will send you off with an energetic ‘Arigatougozai-macho’ and a handful of photos in your phone commemorating your unique experience. Although the grand total of the drinks and service fee might hurt your wallet, I highly recommend checking it out when you have the time. Japan’s themed bars and cafes are one of a kind and I can guarantee that you won’t find a night out like any other in Japan’s Macho Bars.

Macho Bar

Address: 258-26 Yamazakicho, 2-chome, Kawakuni-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Opening Hours: 20:00 ~ 02:00

Opening Days: Tuesday ~ Sunday. Closed on Mondays.

Tel: 075-251-8839


If you’re visiting Kyoto, be sure to join our food tours before heading to the Bar!

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