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#TGIF rare chance to try Hakushu 12 year! A little bit of liquid courage in these tough times. #weareallinthistogether #arigatojapanfoodtours #japanesewhisky ...

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Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture is Green Tea Heaven 🍵 💚 if you think you are not a green tea fan yet or you think that this kind of tea is only bitter you have to learn more with us because proper selection, brewing, and service make all the difference! You can find out how to have the best green tea at home and while traveling. Go!temba #sencha #greentea #shizuoka #newfoodtour ...

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Getting ready to tackle 100 special Hamamatsu-Shi Gyoza (with a bunch of other friends too 😂) research for delicious new food tours in Beautiful Shizuoka Prefecture #hamamatsu #shizuoka just day 1 of a 4 day food research mission. And yes we are washing hands, sanitizer, careful but working hard! ...

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