5 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Bring Japan to You

Get Dad something special from Japan, all without needing to leave home!

3 Jun · Denise Aoki ·

5 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Bring Japan to You

Even in the middle of these confusing times, life still goes on and Father’s Day is almost upon us! If you are wondering what to buy for the most important man in your life on this special day, we’ve prepared 5 Father’s Day gift ideas to help you in this task.

Nousaku beer cup

1. Nousaku beer cup

For a special Dad’s happy hour, how about the Nousaku beer glass? The glass is hand-crafted in Nousaku, a traditional atelier located in Toyama Prefecture that was founded in 1916. The product is made of tin, a metal with high termal conductivity quality. In other words, if you put the glass in the refrigerator, it will cool down very fast and your dad can quickly enjoy his favorite beer. The product can be found on Amazon (Japan) and the price of the set with two cups is ¥17,270.

mame Ya Snacks
Source: amazon.com

2. Father’s day snack selection by Mame-ya

For foodie dads, Mame-ya made a selection of seven seafood-flavored Japanese snacks: squid, sardine, scallop, oyster, wasabi and seaweed, roe and sea lettuce. Your dad can enjoy these delicious beans-shaped snacks with beer, shochu, nihonshu or some delicious juice. The set can be found on Amazon (Japan) for ¥3,280.

Source: takashimaya.co.jp

3. Jinbei

Jinbei is a traditional garment that is worn during the summer in Japan. It is composed of short pants and a jacket made of cotton that helps you to keep cool. For those who enjoy spending time at home, this comfy option is usually used as a form of nightwear or home wear, but your dad can also wear it to a Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) as a substitute for a Yukata. You can find a great variety of Jinbei at Takashimaya Department Store and its price varies between ¥5,000 and ¥14,000.

Click here to buy Jinbei ( Takashimaya online store)

Village Vanguard gifs
Source: vvstore.jp

4. Fun products in Village Vanguard Online Store

If you are looking for something fun to give to your dad, you can take a look at Village Vanguard – Exciting Book Store. They offer not only books, but a great variety of fashion, kitchen, beauty, character and food products. Amongst the pop culture goods, retro atmosphere and many famous characters, you will find fun products like the Blue Mount Fuji Curry, Godzilla chopsticks, or even the Abashiri Draft Beer, a craft beer that is blue! The store has an online version where these items and much more can be found.

Blue Mount Fuji Curry: ¥968

Blue Draft Beer (Abashiri Brewery): ¥715

Godzilla Chopstick: ¥1,650

Village Vanguard Online store:

Japanese Imabari towel
Source: takashimaya.co.jp

5. Set of Imabari towels for the summer

If your dad is one of those people who suffer from heatstrokes during hot weather, our suggestion is an Imabari Towel set. The scarf and handkerchief set is not only for wiping sweat from the face, but it also helps you cool down. The scarf gets cold when you soak it in the water and also has a pocket where you can put a cooling gel sheet or an in instant cold pack. The set can be found in Takashimaya Department store for ¥3,938.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you may not be able to go with your dad to his favorite restaurant, or meet him face-to-face because of the social isolation. But wherever we are, we can always remember how important these men are in our lives, especially on this day.

Directly from Japan, we wish from the bottom of our hearts a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world. We, daughters and sons, love you very much.

Article Main Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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