Pocketalk: your best friend for your trip to Japan

A perfect device for voice translation that fits in your pocket

26 Aug · Jessica Iragne ·

Pocketalk: your best friend for your trip to Japan

Are you are traveling to Japan and worried about the language barrier? Pocketalk could save your travel and make you feel like a local!

A convenient and useful device

Traveling to Japan without knowing any Japanese words can be a stressful experience. In comparison to some other countries, many people don’t speak English and simple things like ordering food at restaurant or asking directions tfrom someone on the street can be intimidating even for adventurous travelers. But be reassured, the Pocketalk device can become your new best friend in Japan!

Of course, you can still use a mobile applications to translate the words you want. But believe me, Pocketalk is better in so many ways. First of all the interface is really easy to use: after you choose a language for each side of the conversation, you just have to push a button, talk in your mother tongue and the work is done. PocketTalk will automatically translate and translate for you into your chosen language. Your conversation partner can then use the device to reply. Easy peasy!

Pocketalk translator

Have real conversations with locals

Also, the sound quality of both mic and speaker is very good compared to mobile phones. Even if you are lost in the middle of the loud streets of Tokyo, you can still ask for directions! And if you’re at the restaurant, you can just talk as you normally do. No need to scream in the device to make it work. What a relief! Because no one wants to be THIS tourist shouting “foreign” words in a quiet place.

Does anybody here speak English?

The battery is great as well. You can use the Pocketalk for around 7 hours non-stop. If you just use it occasionally and use sleep mode,  the battery will last up to 10 days. The best part is that you don’t have to waste the battery on your phone, which is precious. We all know you will prefer to take food pictures and check in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc!

Pocketalk translator

Where to rent a Pocketalk?

And of course, English is not the only option. Pocketalk supports 74 languages. It’s like having your own interpretor in your pocket! If you’re travelling to Japan and you’re worried about how to communicate with locals, we highly recommend you rent one during your trip. And if you do so, we really recommend you to order Pocketalk on PuPuru‘s website. You can also bundle this with you pocket wifi device!

It’s really easy: After you order online, they will deliver it to the front desk of the place you will stay or the airport counter you arrive at. After that no settings are required, you just have to turn on the power button and use it! (It’s not mandatory to use the Pocketalk but if you are thinking about getting a Pocket Wifi as well, they also have it and you can order from here).

Pocketalk translator

Coming to Japan is definitely a great experience and people are very nice but being able to have better conversations makes a trip even more fun, right?! Why not make a place in your pocket for Pocketalk? Easy, fast, this is 100% stress-free!

If you’d like to experience real Japan and do as locals do, be sure to join our food tours!

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