Suigian: Traditional Theater in a Stylish Lounge


14 Jul · Lauren Shannon ·

Discovering an Ancient Art Form in the Modern World

Tokyo is a city of bright lights, Michelin star level, famous foods, cutting edge technology, and eye-popping trends but if you want to experience the beauty, elegance and symbolism of ancient Japan you have to go to Kyoto, right? No, not at all!


You couldn’t be more wrong in this assumption. A hidden gem in Nihonbashi, Ginza’s next-door neighbor, brings delicious food and traditional Japanese theatrical arts to the new generation of young Japanese and to visitors from all over the world. Suigian is a next level experience. (pronounced Sui-gi-an)  Part stylish lounge, restaurant and bar plus a full traditional stage featuring music and Noh Theater, as well as other classical Japanese dance and theatrical arts. Suigan is a not-to-be-missed experience in the mega-metropolis.

Suigian Stage and Lounge
Noh dancer in mask

Art, theater, dance, design, and culinary expertise both traditional and modern come together in a magical setting at Suigian.


The creators of this extraordinary experience call it “A new theater-style restaurant and lounge presenting fresh new sensations”


Suigian is located in the central Tokyo district of Nihonbashi, where the Fukutoku Shrine has a long and distinguished history. Beneath the shrine grounds, hidden and exclusive you can find this dining and theatrical experience. It’s very location is mysterious and as you enter you are transported back in time and into a new world.

The dining experience is as artfully prepared as the performances. Visitors can choose from various seating and meal options including an ala carte menu. Seat charges start at 5000 yen per person and range up to 12,000 yen. Meals are an additional charge. However the dishes and performance together are still less expensive than theater tickets in most venues of this caliber.


You can choose from elegant bento meals, famous Japanese unagi over rice, or a sushi set, with tea and accompanying dishes. Suigian also has on staff a sake and wine expert to add excellent beverage choices to your meal.

Guests can book a show and dinner, then stay after to enjoy drinks. Noh performanes and other traditional theater in Japan is difficult to reserve, expensive, and the shows tend to be very long, making it hard to fit into a traveler’s limited schedule. Suigian performances are shorter and are performed as a part of a dinner course, you can get a taste of ancient Japanese dance and music and enjoy yourself without needing to spend 5 or more hours and enjoy a luxury meal in the same beautiful venue.


Find the perfect time, meal and seating style for your group on the Suigian reservations page here.  And the performance schedule and descriptions here. 

For a glimpse of the magic of this Theater + Restaurant +Lounge, please enjoy this video which explains the idea behind the creation of this unique experience.

Before your Suigian Reservation join us for a tour in the Nihonbashi area where we explore the Flavors of Japan and share the essential elements that make Japanese food unique and famous around the world.

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