Arigato Japan Christmas Giveaway - Win a Food Tour in Japan!

Giveaway - Join us on a 3-hour food tour for free

7 Dec · Jessica Iragne ·

Arigato Japan Christmas Giveaway – Win a Food Tour in Japan!

It’s already the time sparkly time of year, the smell of the Christmas trees, the beautiful illuminations and of course the warming comfort food. To thank you all for this great year supporting us, the Arigato Japan team wants to offer you a 3-hour food tour for 2 in Tokyo!

Also, because there will can be only one winner, we are also offering a second gift– a 10% discount on all our tours for a month, with the code AJXmas10. The tour has to be booked before January 8, 2019 but the reservation date doesn’t matter!

Christmas in Japan is a bit different in traditions and customs than the one we have in western countries but the food still has an important place during this holiday. And because food is one of the most extraordinary things in life, we really would love you to have the opportunity to join one of our food tours in Japan for FREE.

Food tours are a great way to:

  • Understand and appreciate food more
  • Try more variety
  • Get insider tips from locals
  • Meet fellow travelers
  • Maximize your time and experience
  • Understand Japanese table manners and cultural Dos and Don’ts

Answer the 3 questions below and try to win a 3-HOUR FOOD TOUR for 2 people in Tokyo! The winner will be able to join us for FREE on our most popular tour: AllStar food tour.

Let’s start the quiz and try to win a food tour

Please note that we need your email address to contact the winner.

You must specify an email address.

Important notes:

  • Deadline to use within 2019 – Please note that some blackout dates might apply.
  • Please note that we don’t offer transportation (flight tickets etc.) or accommodation, we only offer the food tour.
  • End of giveaway date: January 7, 2019. 8pm Japan Time.
  • The winner will be randomly selected and announced a few days after the end of the giveaway.
  • 1 winner – 2 free tickets.

Join us on our Food Tours in Japan to explore  the traditions, food and symbols of each season. SPECIAL OFFER 10% off with the code AJXmas10 (until January 8, 2019)

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