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Travel from the safety of home to enjoy a virtual getaway and plan for your future offline adventures at the same time!

Join our local experts. We have the most experienced guides who are all passionate about Japanese food and beverages as well as the tourism and Travel. We will share all the secrets that make Japanese food amazing. We can answer questions you may have about Japanese food, travel to Japan and some special Arigato Japan tips and stories that will inspire you!

Suigian sushi set

We will share:


  • Why Japanese food is so amazing
  • What makes each food delightful for all of your senses
  • Surprising facts about even the most famous Japanese food
  • We will share some hidden gems and local tips 
  • Learn the history and origin stories of some of Japan’s most famous foods.
  • Get ready for your next trip and learn customs and dining manners in Japan.
  • How to order and eat each dish like a local.


We are experts in culinary tourism! These days of course, it is hard for people around the world to enjoy our walking food tours but we are excited to connect and share our stories and knowledge with you right in your own homes.

On our 1 hour Virtual Experience we will meet, talk  and learn together! Everyone who attends the session will also get special info and resources after the experience.

Register for 1500 yen to reserve one of only 10 spaces available, we keep the groups small so everyone can have a chance to ask questions and connect with our local guides!


We are looking forward to meeting you online and making some delicious memories!



Food, Culture and Calligraphy Tour in Sugamo - Soba

Experience Highlights:

  • Share our stories and get to know you!
  • Get all the insider info about 5 of Japan’s Famous Foods
  • Have a bit of fun with some games and interactive experiences
  • Learn a secret tip for sushi eating with us, as well as “eat like a local tips” for all 5 foods!
  • Have some fun with us and become an expert in 5 MUST TRY foods!

We will be using online connection software for this experience. After your sign up is confirmed we will send you login details. We will also send info about anything you need to prepare in advance of the experience. Any questions you can contact us at info@arigatojapan.co.jp

Online Experience Schedule:


Time #1 8:00-9:00am JST
Time #2 9:00-10:00pm JST
custom times available email us!

¥1650 / Person

it’s a great idea to take a virtual tour before you visit Japan. On this virtual experience I learned more about the foods I want to try in Japan! Had so much fun connecting with our host!



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Jason Stone

Despite being introduced in Japan within the last two centuries, Japanese curry has become its own dish that is completely different from its peers, and an important and popular food across the nation.


Yakiniku: Japanese BBQ

Nick Colaccino

Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat a cow? Well, yakiniku has the answer! It’s all the glory of a backyard BBQ with none of the inconveniences like shopping, preparing the meat, cleaning up, or mosquitoes! Yakiniku is both simple and delicious...


Yuzu cha, a Great Recipe to Beat the Cold Winter


A great way to enjoy Yuzu! One of the most popular preparations for this more-seed-than-fruit piece of lemony-orangey-grapefruity goodness is yuzu-cha. Think marmalade, but much simpler....


Houjicha: Delicious Japanese Roasted Green Tea

Denise Aoki

Houjicha is made of leaves harvested later in the season. Instead of just being steamed like the other green teas, these leaves are also roasted in a porcelain or cast iron pot over charcoal at a high temperatures, which gives the tea a very particular reddish-brown color and a toasty caramel flavor, sweeter than other green tea varieties.


Let’s meet Abby, Author of the “Cool Tokyo Guide”

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Many of us are dreaming of travel for 2021 so today we’re happy to introduce you to Abby, author of the “Cool Tokyo Guide” and “Cool Japan Guide” which are super fun,  fully-illustrated travel guides...


Christmas in Japan


Christmas in Japan has taken from western traditions and adapted to Japanese needs and culture. As with so much in Japan, the Christmas season is rich with meaningful traditions, and elaborate delicious foods, but it is also very high-tech, sparkly and fun! 


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