Daytime Hanami (Cherry Blossom Time) With a Local

SPECIAL LIMITED SEASONAL TOUR- Stroll the streets of this historic area of Tokyo and experience true Hanami

Cultural Experience

Cherry Blossoms, Local Hidden Gem

(Mon - Friday)

Starts promptly at 11am


Yanaka Neighborhood

The true Hanami spirit during Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo is hidden in the back streets, old neighborhoods, around temples and shrines (both big and small). Join us on this walking tour of part of the Yanaka area. Taste local treats and beverages, explore the artistic history of the district, and finish up with your own hanami stroll and foodie experience- under gorgeous blossom lined streets.


Sakura season is short, about one month from the first tiny buds to the finish of the season with the peak being about two weeks. It is impossible to predict exact dates each year but we will be offering this limited edition tour in the time period most famous for Hanami time. With our guide, learn about the history of the area, the meaning and reason behind the sakura season, and taste local specialties that are bound to be pleasing to the eye and to the palate. We will try local snacks. And enjoy a special Hanami, seasonal bento. Home made rice balls, and other local specialities are on the menu!


Yanaka neighborhood is a festive one that celebrates both it’s many visitors and the day to day lives of local citizens. It is also famous for more than 100 temples and shrines which give this place a special spirit.


During the tour, we will spend time at along several small streets and end up in a gorgeous area famous for cherry trees and CATS?!


At the end of the tour we will share the local style of a Hanami stroll, and a visit to a famous temple.


Minimum of 2 guests, Solo travellers please email us.

We have family friendly pricing on all our Arigato food tours- If you are traveling with children and need a price adjustment- please email our team at 


  • Babies and Toddlers 0 – 2 years old – free
  • Children 3 -12 years old – 50% of adult price
  • Children 13 and above – full price

Tour Highlights:

  • 2.5 hour tour of the back streets in Yanaka
  • Try local snacks and a sake tasting (other beverages also available)
  • Visit a famous local artist gallery and studio
  • Experience a real Hanami stroll with our local guide, plenty of time and tips for taking great cherry blossom photos.
  • Browse the local shops along the way.

We have a strict policy about starting our tours on time. This is to protect the enjoyment of all our guests and restaurant partners. We are sorry to say that if you are not able to arrive at the meeting point by the departure time, the tour will start regardless and no refund will be provided. We are also unable to accommodate meeting up in any of the food stops once you’ve missed the start of the tour.

Arigato Tours are a great way to meet other travelers and food fans from around the world. However if you would prefer a private tour our rates are an additional per group fee of $150 for a group of 1-4, $200 for groups of 5-8 and $250 for groups of 8-12. Larger groups please contact us by email to arrange. 

Tour Schedule:


Monday – Friday in Hanami Season
Meeting Time Frame 10:45 – 11:00 am
Start Time 11:00 am
End Time 1:30 pm

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$90 / Person

Visiting as a tourist it is hard to find the true Hanami spirit. Thank you to Arigato for showing me the beauty of Sakura season!

Marti R.

Tour Details


Meeting Location

The front of Coffee Room Renoir Nippori – Yanaka

this address:

 7 -20-6 Yanaka, 1st Floor 

You can copy and paste this to Google Maps:

東京都台東区谷中7-20-6 谷中ホ-ムズ 1F


Easiest way is to come on the JR Yamanote train to Nippori Station and exit from the North Gate to the West Exit.

Head outside and across the bridge up the hill about to the Coffee Shop. The Cafe is next to a 7/11

Our guide will be there holding an “Arigato Japan” sign.

We suggest wearing comfortable shoes as there will be walking involved.

Our guide will be there holding an “Arigato Japan” sign.


We suggest wearing comfortable shoes as there will be walking involved.

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