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Travel to Japan this year for the Holidays,! Meet up with Friend and Family online for a fun virtual trip.


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Arigato Japan was first to launch our highly reviewed online experiences about different food, culture and areas around Japan. Join us on this new amazing, VERY LIMITED edition Holiday  hosted experience as we share all the Christmas and New Year traditions of Japan. We are all sad that we cannot travel or see some of our friends and family this season, why not give the gift of a shared virtual getaway to Japan. Meet us for this online interactive experience to celebrate the winter season and learn all about the holidays in Japan!

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Our special 2020 online Christmas and New Year experience  is a great way to learn all about this festive season celebrated the JAPANESE way! This year many of us are really missing travel. Give this gift to yourself and those you love and take a fun and interactive trip to Japan together from the safety of your own home!  On our 1 hour and 15 minute online experience, we will share Christmas and New Years in Japan from a local’s perspective. You will get to hear about  the history, culture as well as stories, fun facts, trivia and even make your own Japanese style holiday decoration together on line.  Our virtual tours are fun, family friendly and interactive. Great for ALL ages to experience together. 

What our guests say about our Virtual Experiences :

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how a virtual food tour would go without being there to see and taste things. But it was AMAZING. I’m so impressed with how Arigato has adapted these tours for online. The guide was engaging and funny. The tour was very informative and covered everything from food history, to geography, and even learning some Japanese terms … but all in a very fun interactive way. –Rachelle_Lucas_FL Orlando, FL 


We are experts in culinary tourism! These days of course, we cannot have guests on our walking food tours but we are excited to connect and share our stories and knowledge with you right in your own homes.


2800 per person use the online booking buttons to choose your time and pay directly.

But if you are joining with multiple people on the same computer contact us by email for 4600 per screen special pricing.

Creator: Teppei Ogawa

Experience Highlights:



  • Share our stories and hear about you!
  • Learn all about the very unique and funny Christmas Traditions in Japan
  • Find out why and how New Year’s or Oshogatsu is the most important holiday
  • Play along with Interactive game/ quiz
  • Make your own Japanese Christmas decoration
  • Q&A time about any of your Japan holiday and travel questions
  • We share a resource pack afterwards (no worries about taking notes)

How to prepare for our Holiday Experience:



  • Let’s get in the HOLIDAY MOOD!
  • Wear something festive! Break out your Santa hat, your Christmas sweaters etc!
  • Prepare some mulled wine, eggnog, or hot cocoa or some holiday beverage!
  • Christmas cookies? or other tasty snacks…
  • Important Please have a square piece of wrapping paper or Origami paper (any size but not too big) cut and ready to go for our activity! should be patterned on one side and plain on the other.
  • Have an open mind, heart and be ready to ask any questions you have about Japanese holiday time!
Negicco Kagamimochi BY AYAYA

Please note: To keep the sessions fun and personal we set the maximum 10 guests per group.  Session will be held on ZOOM And will start ontime. There are no refunds for failure to show for your online session.

Zoom is an easy to use online video conference app. We will send you your custom link when you have confirmed purchase of the experience. We will open the zoom room 10 mins before the session, and recommend that you login a few minutes early to test your video and microphone for the experience. Zoom for interactivity works best on a laptop or computer but can also work on your phone or tablet.  We look forward to meeting you online!

Online Experience Schedule:

Available dates: 12/13 Sunday, 12/15 Tuesday, 12/17 Thursday, 12/ 20 Sunday, 12/22 Tuesday, 12/24 Thursday, 12/26 Saturday, 12/27 Sunday, 12/29 Tuesday ,12/30 Wednesday, 1/2 Saturday and 1/3 Sunday



Special Schedule Select Days. Check on Calendar for booking
Morning Sessions 8am-9:15am  JST OR 10am-11:15am JST
Afternoon Session 3pm- 4:15pm JST
Evening Session 9pm-10:15pm JST

All times above are listed in Japan Time (JST) to covert to your local time please see TIMEandDATE


Custom times might be available, please contact us to request. 

¥2800 / Person 4600 per screen if joining as a family

HO HO HO, what a fun way to travel during this 2020 holiday season. Have a global experience from home!

Alison F.


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