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Brewing Green Tea

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We have teamed up with Tourism Shizuoka Japan to offer Japan Canada Festival fans a chance for a fun and engaging online experience about Japanese green tea.

Sign up to win one of 30 guest spots for a FREE online experience learning about the joys, history and brewing techniques for great green tea! Sponsored by Travel Shizuoka Japan. 


We will offer this experience on 3 dates in September. Choose the day and time that works best for you on the contest form. The last day to enter is by Saturday September 5th. 

What we will do :

During this online experience I will share the magic of green tea from Shizuoka, and it’s special place in Japanese culture. We will learn together the easy brewing techniques that will result in a perfect cup of healthy green tea. 


Learn about 

  • Why tea is so healthy
  • The history and award winning quality of tea from Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Local stories from tea farmers and experts
  • How to brew every cup so it is delicious and NOT bitter
  • All about the many different kinds of tea out there
  • How to source great green tea
  • The secret relationship between green tea and seaweed (nori) 
  • Great green tea pairings (even tips on green tea cocktails) 


Then while we sip together we can share my hidden secret tea spots, tea tips, and tea history PLUS answer any questions you have about Japan, Shizuoka, Tea and Travel!  

Let’s share a relaxing cup, get to know each other and connect across the globe. Teatime in SHIZUOKA will bring us together!  I will share tea secrets and tips only locals here know! Come have a cup with me.


And you will know by the end that you have a local friend in Japan!

Join our local expert, Lauren: 


With 24 years living and loving Japan and Japanese culture and a background in the restaurant and travel business I have been sharing my passion with visitors for years! The team I work with has hosted over 27,000 guests on walking food tours. We have a 5/5 rating on TripAdvisor with over 1360 positive reviews. I am personally a tea-expert and want to share the best of green tea culture as well as Japanese Foodie culture. It is my goal to share stories and give guests a sense of the best Japan has to offer while sharing my tips for brewing the PERFECT cup of Shizuoka Green Tea together.

Where we will be: 

our virtual tour is based out of Shizuoka and Tokyo. I have traveled around Japan trying different teas and learning from experts. With many visits to Shizuoka one of the largest tea growing regions in Japan,  I will be able to share information about this amazing tea regions to inspire your future visit to Japan!



What to Bring:

  • Your own green tea of some kind (tea bag, loose tea, etc.) 
  • Whatever you need to brew your tea (tea cup and tea pot)
  • Hot water
  • All your questions about tea and tea travel in Japan and Shizuoka




We will be hosting this online experience on ZOOM. Please be ready about 5 mins before to test out your connection. For the tea brewing time it is best if you are someplace close to your hot water and tea supplies! But feel free to join and learn from anywhere you are comfortable!



Our times are listed in Japan Time JST please use this link to convert to your local time and date for your experience.


We will be using ZOOM (an online meeting platform) for this experience. After your sign up is confirmed we will send you login details.  Any questions you can contact us at

Online Experience Schedule:



9/11-12 & 15
9/11 9am- 10am JST
9/12 10pm-11pm JST
9/15 9am-10am JST




We are keeping the groups small to create great connections and atmosphere!

Japan Canada Festival Special Offer

Let's learn something new together online!

Lauren Shannon


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