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We are an LGBT Friendly food tour company offering delicious experiences in Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka.

To show our support for the LGBT community, book now and use the coupon code LGBTsushi for 10% off your tour! 

Nomadic Boys and Arigato Japan Food Tours
Explore hidden gems and discover the flavors of Japan — all with the help of a local guide who will share the best tips, info and cultural insights you are craving.  Our food tours are highly rated on TripAdvisor and Viator- with over 13,000 happy culinary adventurers so far and a Certificate of Excellence from TA. We can’t wait to meet you and have a memorable experience together!
Here is a Brief Guide about Gay and Lesbian in Tokyo by cupandtheroad:
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Three new delicious traditional Sake (rice wine) inspired KitKat Yuzu-Sake (citrus) Regular Sake and Ume (sweet plum) Sake #trythemall #kitkat #japanesesnacks #tokyotokyo #oldmeetsnew ...

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Tuna Sashimi tasting plate! Tuna comes in many cuts and styles. Please continue it is one of the most popular fish for sashimi in Japan, but there are so many ways to try it. Also the word for tuna in Japanese is maguro. But each type of maguro Sashimi has a different Japanese name! Don’t be confused, come with us on a food tour and we will help you learn all the great sushi and sashimi you need to order and what everything is called in Japanese! #japanfoodtour #nosushinolife #tokyo ...

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