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Run (to the Supermarket)! It’s Kyoho Budo!

Every summer, a purple monster comes down from the mountains to wreak havoc on frugivores’ wallets throughout the land. This giant’s name is Kyoho (巨峰ぶどう kyoho budo) and it’s a grape of epic proportions.


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White Day in Japan – The day the men give back

White Day??? What’s the history of this strange twin to everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday you might ask? In the 1977, the CEO of a small confectionary company in Fukuoka called Ishimura Manseido was reading a magazine in his office for inspiration to revitalize sales…


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Recommended food events in Tokyo – March 2019

So you’re in Tokyo in March and you’re looking for food events? Here are a few we recommend!


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Celebrate with Japanese New Year Foods

New year traditions here are ancient and meant to bring health, wealth, and a renewed spirit. Preparations for the new year start off with a practice called Omisoka, where everyone lends a hand in cleaning the house and cooking traditional foods for the osechi ryori in the last few days of the old year.


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Fall Foliage in Tokyo

One of the biggest and most popular activities in Autumn is to go “Koyo” (Viewing Fall-foliage). Koyo refers to the phenomenon of changing autumn colors, mainly when it occurs to the leaves of deciduous broadleaf trees before the leaves fall to the ground. Much like Cherry Blossom trees, the momiji trees are the most famous for Koyo viewing for their vibrant red color.


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Happy Halloween Tokyo 2018

Halloween in Japan is a unique experieince and the best place to participate in in Shibuya, Tokyo! Get all the details for 2018 Halloween right here!


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Flavors of Winter: Japanese Yuzu

About the size of a tangerine, the truly unique flavor of yuzu is commonly described as a mashup of Meyer lemon, mandarin orange and grapefruit. The most common way of using fresh yuzu is usually thinly julienned slivers of the brilliant yellow zest to garnish Japanese cuisine or accent noodle or hot pot dishes.


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Oden – Traditional, Wintery Taste of Japan

Oden is a light and easily digestible Japanese stew, very warming in the cold winter months. The savory flavor goes well with rice, noodles and sake.  This comfort food can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends.


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All About Kaki — the Must Try Autumn Flavor of Japan

In Japan, as a harbinger of autumn, kaki seem to conjure up thoughts of all the delicious foods to come with the season. There are two main types of persimmon available almost everywhere in Japan.


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5 More Summer Sensational Flavors (part 2)

Following up on our Top 5 Summer Foods post — here are 5 more must try dishes to beat the heat in a sweltering Japan in August! Take a look at these summer favorites and book one of our tasty food tours during your stay in Japan.


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