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What Our Guests Say…

We’ve taken over 26,800 food explorers on culinary adventures since our first tour in Feb. of 2016. Here are just a few of the kind comments they have sent our way.

Two happy food explorers on our Golden Gai Food Tour! 

Flavors of Japan — Frances and Joe Vescio

We did two tours with Arigato Japan and were extremely happy that we chose them. Our guides Anne and Jason where fantastic, they are very passionate about Japan and there food, very knowledgeable that you could ask them any question. We felt very welcomed and looked after. We where taken to all different places, raging from stand up and sit down, eating all sorts of food and lots of it. We highly recommend them because you walk away with so much knowledge of their culture and food. Anne and Jason are two amazing people who took care of us like family.

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Family Fun at our Tsukiji Breakfast Tour, Exploring the world’s largest Fish Market.

Shinbashi Food Tour — Garth and Alex Oakden

My teenage son and I spent the evening on the Shimbashi walking food tour with Anne the owner and it was fantastic. On our own we would not have found the restaurants that we visited and certainly would have ordered blindly. Anne not only explained the food to us but where in Japan it originated. Anne was absolutely delightful dedicated and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone visiting Tokyo as a first night thing to do. It definitely points you in the right direction for the rest of your stay.

Highlight of Our Trip – Tours in Osaka and Kyoto C. Forney

On our second visit to Japan, we experienced two tours with Arigato Japan – the Osaka Food Tour and the Kyoto Nishki Market Tour. Toshi as a guide is beyond 5 stars and these two tours were the highlights of our trip. The Osaka Food Tour was such a memorable evening that we decided to back track to Kyoto (which we had already visited) solely to do another food tour with Toshi. If we had not discovered this company so late in our trip we would have definitely also used them for our tours of Tsukiji Fish Market and Kobe Breweries which we did with other groups.
During the Osaka Food Tour we visited some small-back alley places that were intimate and friendly with Toshi serving as an excellent guide and translator. Getting to experience cooking okonomiyaki was a treat.

The daytime Kyoto tour was equally excellent, with the cumulation of our visits to the many stalls being a traditional lunch prepared at a restaurant with the items we had purchased along the way! Toshi was very focused on our interests, even taking a deter to a special presentation of northern food vendors at the nearby department store.

I highly recommend the Arigato Japan, diving into praise any time someone mentions an upcoming trip to Japan. We will be back and when we return we will incorporate as many of their tours as possible.

Osaka Tour “The Best Local Food Tour Ever”– Yoshie Onishi

My wife and I recently did an Osaka Night Food Tour with Toshi-san and Anne-san, and it was one of the best tour experiences we have ever had. We made okonomiyaki and monja-yaki, ate delicious takoyaki and taiyaki on the street, and went to a special local sushi joint with the freshest fish and delicious tamago sushi. Toshi-san also surprised us with some truly off the beaten path experiences, walking through small alleyways and mingling with locals in an authentic and respectful way. We even went into a local watering hole and had high balls with the most generous Okinawan barkeep who took great care of us.

I would share more but don’t want to give away all of their secrets!

If you are looking for a generic, touristy experience where all of the foreigners and ex-pats go, this is not for you. But if you want to have a special and authentic local experience with knowledgeable, giving and fun-loving guides then you’re in for a treat. This company has heart and they are laser-focused on giving each of their customers the best possible experience. Thanks again to Arigato Japan for making our experience such a memorable one!

Shibuya Food Tour “The ultimate foodie tour!” —Alexandra Lee

We joined to the Shibuya Tour with my family and it was a night to remember! We had so much fun going with our guide! Wow we had 5 food stops, the sushi was great, takoyaki was yummy, okonomiyaki was so delicious, the dessert was soooo good and to top it all WAGYU SKEWERS! This all in one tour, wow we couldn’t believe everything that we ate that night! It was so worth it! We had only two nights in Japan, the first night we got so lost and didn’t know how to order. This tour was a life saver! To have everything ready, organized and laid out perfectly was just fantastic! The information we had on this tour was priceless, the guide was extremely informative, fun and passionate!

I highly recommend the Shibuya Tour, it was definitely an unforgettable experience. This was really the ultimate food

This post by our virtual tea experience host! At Arigato Japan we’re so happy to be able to continue to share our passion for Japanese food and flavors around the world. #greentea #shizuoka #genmai #virtualtour link in bio ...

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In March we visited this amazing tea farm in Gotemba, Shizuoka. Such an inspiring experience. We can’t wait to share with our future guests when It is safe to travel again! Tea is a fascinating beverage with a long and delicious history in Japan! You can start to learn more about it with us on our online teatime experience (link in bio) #greentea #explorejapan #flavorsofjapan ...

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Expertly grilled salmon, rice and miso soup a perfect breakfast when exploring the Tsukiji neighborhood market! Restaurant and market stalls are open and maintaining social distance guidance so if you are in Tokyo head over to explore and support these family run businesses and if you are planning your future trip to Japan join us on our family friendly Tsukiji breakfast tour #tsukiji #foodtour #foodtourweek @loopsieapp #loopsie #3dphoto #dazz #loopsie3D ...

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The town of Fushimi just outside of Of central Kyoto has over 400 years of delicious sake brewing history (Japanese rice wine) on our Sake tour you can taste many different styles and types from various local breweries, learn about sake pairings, and enjoy a seasonal lunch! It’s an amazing way to spend an afternoon during your time in Kyoto. Taking bookings now for autumn, winter and the 2021 season! #sake #nihonshu #fushimi #kyoto ...

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