Kyoto Walking Food Tour (Day)

March 2017
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Minimum of 2 people needed to book this tour.  If you are a single traveler, please email us first.

Tour Summary:​

  • 3-hour walking Kyoto food tour of the world famous Nishiki Market
  • Visit 12 family owned shops and stalls to sample and choose your food to be prepared at lunch
  • Try the world's smoothest sashimi tofu, matcha, dashi tamagoyaki and fresh seafood
  • Learn about the process of production from harvest, to sale at the market to preservation to give you a sense of how life survived hundreds of years ago
  • Tours are limited to 8 people

*You do not need a PayPal account to purchase this course.  You only need a credit card.

**MINIMUM of 2 Guests per booking.  If you are a single customer, please call our number below to confirm.

***SAME-DAY BOOKING POSSIBLE.  Please call this number: 090-6484-9577

Food Tour Starting Point:
Please check the Locations page to know where to meet us!

*if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the meeting time, we will unfortunately have to start the tour without you.

Tour Details:
Enjoy a walking food tour through the Nishiki Food Market, an area known to locals as the Kitchen of Kyoto as it plays a huge part in supporting the Kyoto food industry.  Business has been conducted here for the past 400 years and with one of the richest culinary atmospheres in the world you will have a chance to sample some of the freshest food of your life.

Your experience will include stops at 12 family owned stalls and shops which have stood the test of time.  At a few of the stops we will sample specialty products like tsukemono (vegetables from the surrounding mountains preserved in vinegar), yuuba (the world's smoothest sashimi tofu made from the world famous Kyoto mountain water), and sparkling sake straight from the tap.  At the other stops we will buy some specialty items for us to enjoy later at lunch including Saba (Mackeral), Dashimaki Tamago (specialty grilled egg dish made from specialty Kyoto fish and seaweed stock), Sansho (Japanese red pepper), Kamaboko (seafood preserved in fish paste), Tako (Octopus wtth quail egg) and Macha (ground tea leaves).

During the tour you will learn detailed information about the ingredients of different Japanese dishes, how their food is prepared and what is used to eat it.  You will learn the process, from the ground to your bowl, of how white rice is processed for consumption and the origin of roasted tea leaves!

Your experience will do more than just give you a chance to taste Kyoto's delicious food but will also give you a sense the history and atmosphere of the Nishiki Market experienced by the Japanese for generations.  You will be consumed with physical and visual stimuli every step of the way and will enjoy stories from the past told directly from shopkeepers and families we will spend time with.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of most beloved tours in all of Japan and hope to see you soon.

Tour Schedule:

Tuesday - Sunday (off Monday)
Meeting Time Frame 9:50 - 9:59 AM
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 1:00 PM

Please see our Locations page to know where to meet us!!