Flavors of Japan Tour

January 2017
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Course Information




Tour Summary:​

  • 3-hour tour of flavors and food
  • Visit 9 shops representing the different regions of Japan including Hokkaido, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kochi, Fukui, Kanazawa, Niigata and more.
  • The last flavors of the day will be a final Washoku meal for lunch with your guide to ask any questions you may have
  • After lunch we will guide your through Depachika (an underground smorgasbord of delicious food and delectable treats) where the tour will end.

*You do not need a PayPal account to purchase this course.  You only need a credit card.  Of course PayPal works too.

**SAME-DAY BOOKING POSSIBLE.  Please call this number: 090-6484-9577

Food Tour Starting Point:
Please check the Locations page to know where to meet us!

*if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the meeting time, we will unfortunately have to start the tour without you.

Tour Details:

Experience some of Japan’s most amazing flavors and develop a deeper understanding of why Japanese cuisine is so exquisite and unique.  Learn about the food from the different regions of Japan, the process of how to make them and why they come from those areas.

On this  tour you will visit 9 shops, each representing the different regions of Japan.  Your experience will include samplings of Dashi (Japanese soup stock), Tamagoyaki, (egg roll), Konbu (kelp),  tsukemono from Kyoto (pickled vegetables),  Anago (salt water eel), Kamaboko (fish cake) Katsuoboshi (fish flakes), satsumaimo (sweet fried potatoes) and Wagashi (Japanese dessert).

At the end of the tour we will finish with a complete Washoku (Japanese seasonal cuisine) at which time you will be able to discuss about the food you were introduced to on the tour and any questions you may have.

After lunch, we will guide you through Depachika (an underground smorgasbord of delicious food and delectable treats) where the tour will end.  After we are finished you will be able to go straight into the subway or continue on your adventure at your own pace.

If you want a crash course in the cuisine of Japan this is the tour for you!  

Tour Schedule:

Monday - Saturday (off Sundays)
Meeting Time Frame 9:50 - 9:59 AM
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 1:00 PM

Please see our Locations page to know where to meet us!!


Upon booking, kindly let us know which lunch menu you'd like to have:

1. Grilled Fish
2. Chicken Sukiyaki
3. Sushi-Soba-Tempura